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Schools and educational facilities boast some of the highest daily traffic of any business, far beyond that of your average home or commercial structure. Everyone tracks in dirt and debris, but superior air duct cleaning can cut down on the amount they breathe in. Coupled with the diversity of the individuals inside, and suddenly cleanliness takes on a whole new meaning! Staff, students, and visitors all need clean, comfortable air to maximize productivity and remain on task. With a high-quality duct cleaning service, you can ensure the air in your educational facility is clean and clear all year round!

Atlantic Duct Cleaning boasts a highly skilled team that has been meeting the needs of our clients for years! Supported by peerless training, techniques, and tools, our experts can provide the best—and our service is second to none!

When you need superior commercial duct cleaning in the Alexandria, VA area, you can always count on the experts at Atlantic Duct Cleaning! Contact us any time online, speak to us over the phone at (703) 435-4485.

How Important Is Air Duct Maintenance for Schools?

Indoor air is essentially the same as outdoor air, containing all of the dust, pollen, mold spores, dander, and other particles you would generally expect. But there’s one, very big difference. Indoors, this air is many times more concentrated—in many cases by an order of magnitude! This means all of the debris we find in outdoor air is much denser indoors, and this air can have a negative impact on occupants, as well as your heating and cooling systems.

Why is this? Because your HVAC system collects and circulates this contaminated air up to seven or eight times in a single day; and most of it will begin collecting in your vents and ductwork as time wears on. And as we mentioned, you deal with a massive amount of traffic, thus the amount of junk your structure accumulates is on a whole different scale from other structures. A good commercial ductwork cleaning in Burke, VA surrounding areas can make a big difference.

What Are the Benefits of Duct Cleaning?

Professional duct cleaning can help your school, university, or educational facility rid itself of collected debris and germs in the air. And this carries a number of excellent benefits, including:

  • Better air quality for staff and students
  • Overall improved cleanliness in classrooms, gyms, meeting areas, and cafeteria facilities
  • Reduced risk of mold and mildew within ducts and utility space
  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • Improved HVAC quality, bringing you greater comfort
  • Increased energy efficiency, resulting in lower utility costs and a reduced risk of AC and heating repair

To keep your faculty and students from constantly sharing germs, contact us today for a commercial air duct cleaning in the Maryland and Northern Virginia areas!

How Often Should a University Building Get HVAC Cleaning?

There’s not really a “hard rule” for how often you should seek air duct cleaning. Many factors come into play, all of which can impact how often cleaning should be pursued, including your facility’s daily capacity, traffic, weather and seasons, recent construction, etc. Getting an air duct cleaning in Alexandria, VA and the surrounding areas can extend the life of the ducts and keep everyone healthier. You can generally call for it every two to five years; more often if your structure is large and busy, and a little less often for smaller schools.

But to get a clearer idea and more exact answer, it’s best to consult an expert. We carry years of experience, and have all of the tools and knowledge needed to give you a proper answer!

Ready for some air duct cleaning at your Virginia school? Call (703) 435-4485 or contact us online today!

Air Vent Cleaning for Universities in Northern Virginia

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