How to Know That Your Air Ducts Are Clean

Determining that your air ducts are dirty is a relatively easy task: you can open your vent covers to see if there is any dirt, debris, or dust, and also examine your air filter to see if it is clogged with dust. If either or both are dirty, you know you need duct cleaning!

But what if it’s only been a few months since you last had your home’s or business’s air ducts cleaned and you want to check to see if they are still clean?

Atlantic Duct Cleaning is here to guide you on how to know if your air ducts are clean. If you are interested in duct cleaning for your home or business in Northern Virginia, contact us today!

For starters, you can, once again, check your air filter and vent covers. They should be clear and have little to no dust build-up.

Next, examine your heater. Look at its heat exchanger surface—it should be visibly clean. Your blower blades should also be free of oil and debris, and the blower compartment should not have any dust or debris.

Now onto your air conditioner. Check the air conditioning coil for signs of dust. You should be able to shine a flashlight through the cooling coil and see the light come through the other side. The coil fins should be evenly spaced and straight. Finally, the coil drain pan should be draining properly if it is completely clean.

If your HVAC system has forced air, you will need to check your plenums as well. They should have properly fitted filters. Check the supply air plenum for signs of moisture stains or contaminants. The return air plenum should be free of visible debris and dust.

How to Care for Your Air Ducts

To keep your air ducts in good condition between cleanings, you should do the following:

  • Change air filters regularly
  • Ensure all vents have proper filters
  • Dust and vacuum your home regularly
  • Use a humidifier or dehumidifier as needed
  • Keep an eye on cooling coils when air conditioner is running
  • Make sure ducts are properly sealed

If you have any questions or concerns about your Northern Virginia or Washington, DC home’s or business’s air ducts, Atlantic Duct Cleaning is here to help! We are the DMV region’s premier duct cleaning company. We have been in business for over three decades and have the expertise you need to keep your family or employees healthy with clean air ducts.

Residential & Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Virginia, Maryland, & Washington D.C.

Air duct cleaning is the best way to keep your family or employees breathing easy. It is often an often-neglected service that is a necessary process to minimize allergens in your home or business; so schedule your duct cleaning today! Atlantic Duct Cleaning recommends having a professional technician come to your home or business annually—at minimum—to clean out the build-up in your ventilation system.

For additional questions about air duct cleaning in the Northern VirginiaMaryland, and Washington, D.C. area, check out our FAQ or contact one of the professionals at Atlantic Duct Cleaning at (703) 435-4485 to schedule an appointment today!


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