How to Choose a Professional Duct Cleaning Service in the DC Area

You rely on your home’s ductwork to provide you with clean, temperature controlled air all year long! Because this system is constantly pumping out cool or warm air into your entire home or building, it’s important to keep your ducts clean. Without regular air duct cleaning, your HVAC system is susceptible to mold growth and other hazardous build up. To keep your building’s heating and cooling system pumping out clean, fresh air, you will want to invest in air duct cleaning service. This thorough cleaning will eliminate dust, mold, and any other potentially harmful toxins from your air flow.

Don’t try to clean out your ductwork on your own! Attempting to clean ductwork on your own could result in physical injury or damage to your HVAC. This project requires a team of professionals with specific knowledge, qualifications, and experience to ensure your home is properly cleaned or decontaminated.

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3 Tips for Hiring an Air Duct Cleaning Service

With so many different duct cleaning companies out there, how do you know which one to hire for the job? Follow these three tips to narrow down your search.

  1. Check for positive reviews.

    Finding out if past homeowners in the DC area have had a positive experience with the company is a great place to start. Call the company and ask for a testimonial to see if they can refer you to a past customer. Another place to check for reviews is online. Try looking for reviews on search engines like Yelp and Google.

  2. Ask for the price upfront to make sure there are no hidden fees or upsells.

    Call up the company and get an estimate before agreeing to service. This way, you can determine if the company will charge you by the hour or by the procedure. You can even have the company print out your agreement outlining all costs and fees associated with the services to avoid potential discrepancies over price.

  3. Make sure the company is NADCA certified.

    NADCA stands for the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Air duct cleaning companies who hold NADCA certification should make for a reliable company. As a member of this group, companies agree to follow a strict code of ethics and must carry liability insurance to maintain their membership. Members also learn how to address the entire HVAC system and not just the ductwork.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends cleaning your air ducts every three to five years. Don’t skip out on this important HVAC maintenance! Give yourself peace of mind by ensuring your home is filled with fresh, clean air.

Duct Cleaning Company in Maryland, Virginia, and DC

Do you need air duct cleaning services in the DMV area? Atlantic Duct Cleaning is committed to making sure each customer enjoys their professional experience. We deliver on our promise of excellence by using a certified (NADCA) cleaning process and offering a 100% guarantee.

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