DIY Duct Cleaning

You may be surprised to find that the air ducts in your home are a hotbed for allergens, contaminants, and general debris. Years of dust, pet dander, and dead skin cells can pile up into a miasma that is unhealthy for both you, and your HVAC system. Keeping the air quality in your home can be a serious battle, and one that shouldn’t be fought alone.

At Atlantic Duct Cleaning, your health and comfort are our primary concern. Our duct cleaning services are proven to clear all contaminants from your ducts, improving the health of yourself, and your air conditioning system. But what can you handle on your own? There are a few methods of keeping your home’s allergen levels down, and air quality up; and Atlantic Duct Cleaning is here to help!

Does your home or business need the assistance of a professional duct cleaning service? Contact Atlantic Duct Cleaning today for prime, top-quality service that is sure to exceed expectations!

DIY Duct Cleaning: Basic Methods of Improving Air Quality

These quick and simple tasks are guaranteed to keep the air in your home clean and clear in between professional cleanings:

  • Keep your filters changed. On average, the filter in your HVAC system should be replaced every one to three months, depending on the size of your home and the season. Here in Virginia, pollen counts tend to be high, and dust accumulates quickly, so it’s a wise choice to do it monthly. This reduces the amount of debris that ends up in your ducts, and by extension, your lungs.
  • Clear the entrances and exits. The vents located throughout your home accumulate a lot of allergens, dust and dander over time. To keep the air quality in your home in a better state, be sure to pop the vents open and clear the area around the vent thoroughly. A strong vacuum does wonders here.
  • Dust and vacuum regularly. Removing standing dust and dander from your home entirely is an excellent method of keeping your air clean and clear. Make it a weekly tasks to dust, sweep and vacuum all surfaces. Pay particular attention to fabrics like carpets, drapes and cloth furniture.
  • Control moisture levels. Mold and mildew building up in the home can release tons of spores that exacerbate allergy symptoms. Consider having a home dehumidifier installed to control moisture levels, particularly in the summer to reduce the chances of mold growth.

For Thorough Results, Contact a Professional

There’s certainly plenty you can do to maintain the air quality in your home, but when it comes to a proper cleaning and clearing, nothing beats a professional. We carry all of the tools and techniques to eliminate all of the allergens lurking in your ductwork. We fully support DIY solutions, but they should be used to maintain the home between professional cleanings, not as a substitute.

Without appropriate professional assistance, you’ll be cleaning a lot more frequently, with increasingly sub-par results!

Residential Duct Cleaning Services in VA, MD & DC

If you or your family members are suffering from allergies or asthma, it might be time to contact Atlantic Duct Cleaning for air duct cleaning! Don’t continue to breathe in the millions of germ-carrying dust and mold particles that have been hiding in your air ducts. The professionals at Atlantic Duct Cleaning are here to help.

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