Is Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Indoor air quality has become a huge topic in recent years. As a result, we’re seeing more and more services and products tuned to improving the overall quality of the air we breathe in our homes and businesses—from air filters, to HVAC filtration improvements, and even to the service of duct cleaning itself.

As major providers of dependable duct cleaning in the DC area, the experts at Atlantic Duct Cleaning get asked about the importance of our service pretty often. Is duct cleaning necessary? Is it worth it?

As to whether or not the service is worth it, we can give a resounding yes! But is it necessary? That answer can depend on a number of variables, which we’re going to talk about today!

Should I Invest In Duct Cleaning?

Organizations like the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) have put tons of study into the importance of duct cleaning in recent years. The general consensus? Duct cleaning often can have a noticeable impact on the cleanliness of your home or business, and in many situations can reduce many of the airborne risks in your structure.

It’s the question of when you need it most that is important. Due to the nature of air filtration and the habit of home and business owners to keep spaces relatively clean, duct cleaning isn’t needed super often. It’s not, say, a monthly service or anything. But having the service performed every few years by trained specialists that carry the tools and experience needed to do the job right can be a huge boon!

When Do I Need Professional Duct Cleaning?

Aside from time, there are some situations where duct cleaning might become necessary, or have demonstrable benefits to your structure. These situations include:

  • Routine cleaning. It’s a good idea to have your system handled by pros every three to five years, depending on the traffic of your structure, its size, and the overall cleanliness of the occupants. This ensures you don’t end up with a buildup of pollen, dust, and mold spore that can begin to pile up and reduce air quality and HVAC efficiency. Routine care also helps keep your space cleaner overall, reducing the necessity of other cleaning activities and services.
  • Risks of mold. Hands down one of the biggest benefits of duct cleaning is eradicating a major risk of mold. As we discussed in a recent blog post, mold takes root in ductwork fairly commonly. And because ducts tend to be dark, moist, and fairly spacious, mold spores can become a serious threat to your home. If you suspect a presence of mold in your home, duct cleaning is an excellent service to pursue.
  • Vermin and infestations. Many common pests like mice, rats, other vermin, and insects can make a pretty prosperous home out of your ductwork. If you notice signs of these (droppings, odd sounds, a presence of insects, etc.), duct cleaning by professionals can solve your problem very effectively.
  • Construction and renovation. Home additions, remodeling, and construction can all generate huge amounts of dust and small particles that can get jammed in your ductwork. This can result in poor air quality and lower HVAC efficiency. Duct cleaning is a great service to follow up with after construction!

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