How Dryer Air Vent Cleaning Saves You Money

Do you notice that your dryer takes longer to dry your clothes than it used to? Do you have to go through multiple cycles to completely dry your laundry? If so, dryer air vent cleaning could be necessary. Not only that, but it can also reduce the risk of fire. In this post, Atlantic Duct Cleaning shares how to save money and protect your dryer with regular air vent cleaning. 

How Dryer Air Vent Cleaning Saves You Money

Regular Maintenance Improves Your Dryer's Performance and Extends Its Life

There's no way around it: appliances are expensive. When homeowners run through their list of appliances, dryers aren't usually at the top. Still, a well-functioning, efficient dryer can help reduce your energy costs and last for many years. That is, of course, with proper maintenance. To help with that, we've compiled a list of some do's and don'ts as they relates to dryers. 

Dryer Do's

Clean the lint filter after every single cycle. 
Use a nylon brush to remove stray lint from the trap and remove blockages in the filter.
Check the vent pipe for lint every few months.
Schedule annual dryer air vent cleaning.

Dryer Don'ts

Use a dryer without a lint filter (but do replace broken filters).
Overfill the dryer.
Insert items that aren't meant for the dryer (floor mats with rubber backing, delicate materials, etc.). 

Without Proper Maintenance, Your Dryer May Suffer 

When lint builds up in the lint trap over time, it blocks the airflow. When this happens, the dryer operates inefficiently, which means it has to work harder, clothes take longer to dry, and it consumes more energy to get the job done. The combination of all three factors results in more money out-of-pocket in energy costs, repairs, and eventual replacement. On the other hand, proper maintenance extends the life of your appliance and allows it to work at optimal efficiency.

In addition to inefficiency, improperly maintained dryers can also present a fire risk. In fact, lint is incredibly flammable. Keep in mind that dryers produce heat. With enough heat, flammable lint, and restricted airflow, just one spark can cause a fire. You might be surprised to know that fires starting from dryers happen regularly. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association issues reports and safety tips for homeowners

Schedule Your Annual Dryer Air Vent Cleaning

Homeowners in Alexandria and Reston, VA, and beyond spend hard-earned money on their homes and appliances. As a result, Atlantic Duct Cleaning  urges you to take good care of them to reduce the risk of fires, ensure they perform optimally, and save money on energy costs and unnecessary repairs. Call us today to schedule your annual dryer air vent cleaning at (703) 435-4485. Or, request an estimate and check out our other services online. 


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