Prepare Your Home for the Holidays with Clean Ducts

It won’t be long now before your home is full of friends and family coming around to enjoy the holiday season. While that's always fun, you might be stressing a little bit over the air quality in your home. Need some help clearing the air and keeping your place tidy up to the big day? Atlantic Duct Cleaning can help you out!

Why Is Air Quality Worse in the Winter?

It might be more accurate to say that it’s different rather than worse in the winter. The primary issues come from the fact that there’s no other season where we close up our homes quite as much.

For months on end, you don’t open windows, you open doors less, and you also tend to get a lot of visitors. All of these things contribute to and build up the amount of dust and grit in your air, and with no real place for it to go, these particles settle into your carpets, furniture, shelves, and lungs.

How Can I Clear the Air?

Naturally, you want to have things clean and smelling better before you have guests. But even if you’re not planning on hosting a party, you still want that cleaner and healthier air for yourself. There are a few ways to help you get this, including:

  • Using door mats.
  • Vacuuming often.
  • Cleaning drapes and window treatments.
  • Wet dusting as opposed to dry dusting.

All of these can help limit the amount of dust that gets into your home and will  help you rid your home of some as well. Cleaning anything cloth or fabric is particularly important, as these materials hold onto dust like nobody’s business.

Clean Your Ducts for Healthier Holiday Air!

Furnace and heat pump systems are great, but forced air systems have a tendency to draw air pollutants into them. Over time, your ducts can wind up  caked in the stuff within a few weeks.

That’s why now is the time for duct cleaning! If you want to breathe easier, breathe healthier, and have a fresher-smelling home this season, duct cleaning is the ideal solution. It’ll help with keeping the house clean, too, since a lot of the dust that settles onto floors and furniture will come by way of dirty and caked up vents.

Schedule Residential Duct Cleaning Services in Northern Virginia

Need to get your home free of dust and musty smells before the holiday rush arrives in your home? The experts at Atlantic Duct Cleaning can get the job done and done right! Just give us a call or contact us online to learn more, or to schedule duct cleaning in Northern Virginia today!


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