Top Fixes for a Dusty House

It seems like every single day we find new ways to define our homes as dusty. Dust bunnies cropping up under furniture, HVAC vents that look like they’re growing a fur coat, the sheer amount of dust on your tables and chairs—it can all be quite exhausting to keep up with. So, what do you do? How can you stop having this daily struggle and just have a clean home?

Change the way you handle the problem! In need of some help, or trying to find a new, more decisive way of tackling dust? The professionals at Atlantic Duct Cleaning are old hands on the topic, and we can give you some top-class solutions.

Re-Evaluate the Way You Dust

One of the biggest weaknesses we find in most cleaning plans is how dusting is handled. The most egregious of them is this: dry dusting. Dust, pollen, and all of the other things resting in your home air are all dry already. This means dry dusting just pushes the stuff around, letting it fly free into your home air, where it will settle once more a few minutes later.

Instead swap to wet dusting. If you’re not fond of commercial cleaners and dusting aids or are concerned about VOCs, we understand! But there are plenty of safe options out there that you can make with natural household items (water and cider vinegar does the trick).

Create a No-Shoes Zone

Our homes are far thicker with pollutants than outdoor air, and once it gets in, it gets stuck in our ducts, on our floors, and in our clothing with nowhere else to go. One of the biggest offenders when it comes to letting all of the outdoor in is your shoes. They go everywhere, and when they get home, they drag all the mess they’ve accumulated with them. Establish a shoes-off-at-the-door policy, and we guarantee you’ll see less mess in your home.

Tend to Your Floors Frequently

Aside from your glass items, the floors are one of the most common places for dust to accumulate. In order to bust the dust, start vacuuming and mopping on a regular basis. Twice a week is a good standard, and if you don’t want to handle it all solo, then establish a family chore schedule.

Schedule Duct Cleaning

We’ve mentioned a few times now how dust gets stuck in your home once it gets in. So where do you think it all goes? Right up into your ducts! The closed loop of your HVAC system pulls and cycles the air in your home on a regular basis. That means it takes the dust, the pollen, and the mold with it, and all of that comes to rest firmly in your duct system. This can generate absolute cakes of pollutants. And when they get big enough, the go whooshing right out back into your air and onto your furniture.

The solution? Professional duct cleaning! Even a single professional duct cleaning can remove literal pounds of dander and dust from your home’s circulated air. That means easier breathing and a cleaner home all in one simple service.

Professional Duct Cleaning in Maryland and Virginia

Need some help busting the dust in your home for good? Contact the specialists at Atlantic Duct Cleaning! With our cutting-edge duct cleaning equipment and trained professionals on your side, you’ll be breathing easier and cleaning less in no time.

Contact us now for residential air duct cleaning in Northern Virginia or Maryland!


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