Undercover: The Secret Life of Dust Mites

Have you ever heard someone say, "Out of sight, out of mind?" The phrase could be a euphemism for "ignorance is bliss." Dust mites might be invisible to the human eye, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of their existence and the issues they can cause. Atlantic Duct Cleaning knows these microscopic mites can be a source of health concerns and a burden on HVAC and air ducts. For this reason, we think it's important to share the secret life of dust mites.

Undercover: The Secret Life of Dust Mites

Dust Mites Feed on Human Skin

Did you know that between 100,000 to hundreds of millions of dust mites currently occupy your home? They live on your bed, in your couches, in your carpets, and throughout your air ducts. Since sloughed skin is their primary source of sustenance, you are their main food supply and the reason behind their proliferation. For this reason, you can't ever wholly rid your home of dust mites. 

In general, the microscopic buggers are harmless, so the goal is not to eliminate them. Moreover, elimination is impossible. Instead, the goal is to reduce them to the point where they don't exacerbate health issues, namely allergies. In reality, it's not the mites, but their feces, that create allergens that affect millions. 

Dust Mites Exacerbate Allergies and Asthma

When it comes to household allergens, dust mites are one of the most significant contributors. In fact, they can worsen other health conditions, such as asthma, dermatitis, and rhinitis. In reality, even one gram of household dust contains up to 1,000 dust mites and 250,000 feces. It's incredible to consider that such insignificant masses play such a massive role in the human condition. Moreover, it's feces that most contribute most to health issues, in general, as well as the most significant contributors to asthma across the world. 

Are Dust Mites the Source of Your Allergy and Breathing Issues?

The most significant factor that tells you whether dust mites are a significant contribution to your allergies is your dust mite population. If your allergies worsen when in the home, this may be a tell-tale sign that dist mites cause. Specifically, headaches, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and similar symptoms are a sign of home allergens. The more time you spend in the home, the worse symptoms become. If you notice symptoms worsen the longer you're in the house, that's a sure sign that contributing factors exist in the home. 

Reduce Dust Mites with Air Duct Cleaning

Routine air duct cleaning, as well as cleaning your bedding and carpeting, are your front-line defenses against allergens. Northern Virginia residents and commercial businesses can proactively take charge of their indoor air quality and health. We service the surrounding areas in Virginia and Maryland, too! Schedule an air duct cleaning online, or call (703) 435-4485 to speak to a professional, and tell dusty micro-organisms to take a hike!

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